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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can i sign a tax return with a power of attorney

Instructions and Help about Can i sign a tax return with a power of attorney

Hi Debbie Miller from fazes business management I want to talk to you today about a serious problem that you or someone you know might face this year an IRS audit or worse yet tax identity theft picture this you go to your mailbox pull everything out and then you see it an envelope with the return address Internal Revenue Service stamped on it and this isn't the fun one with your refund check as you stare at the envelope your heart starts to race you break out in a sweat and you start to pray that it's not bad news but then you open the letter and it's a notice from the IRS they're questioning items on your tax return or you're going to be audited the fact is the letter the IRS sent you is claiming you owe the money or claiming you didn't report something properly or claiming you reported something you shouldn't have reported at all it's not a fact they want to talk to you and ask you more questions are you prepared to answer them or what if they say one or even several of your deductions we're not allowed to be taken at all are you prepared to tell them otherwise we have a way to eliminate the stress and worry of what to do when you receive an IRS notice because let's face it when it comes to the IRS you're guilty until proven innocent here's another scenario what if you file your taxes and you get a notice in the mail that says we can't process your income tax refund because we already have one on file for you that means some fraudster stole your identity mailed it in a fake tax return in your name and made off with a big fat tax refund that was supposed to be yours how in the world are you supposed to prove that you are you are you just going to wing it by representing yourself and hope they side with you more than 1.5 million taxpayers had their data stolen in 2022 and 2022 with 6.2 billion dollars fraudulently claimed so yes it happens a lot more than you realize under the law only a CPA an attorney or an enrolled agent besides yourself can legally represent you before the IRS that's why having a phases at your side is critical if the IRS comes knocking once we file a power of attorney the IRS must deal directly with us we handle all the communications and correspondence on your behalf and if necessary we meet with the IRS revenue agents so you don't have to many people think that IRS representation is automatically included in the tax preparation fee of course if we do make an error will correct the issue and take responsibility for any penalties or actions with the IRS but audit representation can range in to thousands and thousands of dollars with the increase of tax identity theft.


What isn't a crime but should be?
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Can a power of attorney document be filled out with an online signature?
In California A Power of Attorney does not require notarization unless the document to be signed by the individual holding the power itself requires notarization, for example documents affecting a transfer or encumbrance of real property. As a small business attorney I routinely prepare Limited Powers of all accomplished through email which allow me to accomplish specific tasks on the half of a client.  Granting of even Limited Powers of Attorney necessarily involve a great deal of trust, and a customer should be wary of signing such a document. Peter, Oakland, California small business attorney. Not offer or intended as legal advice.
How can I fill out the details of my PPF and LIC in income tax return along with Form 16 details?
PPF contribution and LIC premium paid is shown under section 80C deductions ( chapter VIA deduction) in ITR.However total limit under 80C is 1.5L.( I am assuming that you have referred to investments made -ppf/LIC and not withdrawals (income)from the same).Regards.
How can I fill out the income tax return of the year 2016-17 in 2018?
There is no option to file online return but you can prepare an offline return and went to the officer of your jurisdiction income tax commissioner and after his permission you can file the return with his office.
How can you contact someone that is experienced in filling out a transcript of Tax Return Form 4506-T?
You can request a transcript online at Get Transcript.  That should be easier and quicker than filling out the form. Otherwise any US tax professional should be able to help you.
When including 83b with annual tax returns, should I attach a photocopy of the 83b that I had sent originally with 30 days of the stock transfer, or should I fill out the details again, sign again and send that?
A copy is perfectly acceptable.  If you fill out the details again, just be sure they are exactly the same as the originally filed election.
Can a power of attorney sign and cash a life insurance check if the one it is written out to is in incarcerated?
I understand the question to be, someone in prison is payee on a life insurance proceeds check. Can the convict give power of attorney to someone to cash the check for him?Yes, it could be done that way, although your usual bank teller will likely reject the unfamiliar power of attorney document.Perhaps better is to simply endorse the check payable to a third person. For example, “John Smith, pay to Jane Doe.” Jane Doe then endorses with her signature and deposits the check into an account she controls. After the check clears Jane Doe makes withdrawals as agreed with John Smith.
I have a friend who took over as controller for a public company and signed for a power of attorney to attain payroll tax records - found out Q1 filing was incorrect and has been served papers by the IRS. So what kind of exposure can he expect? Is he in any serious trouble?
Can be held responsible as a "Responsible Party" under the tax law. Payroll taxes are a trust fund tax (like sales tax). Depending on the facts on circumstances, the IRS, with their set of questions will make a determination as to responsible party liability. If there was an error, and this a public company, the taxes should be paid. In a case like this your friend should be represented by a tax attorney.
What are some basic financial advice that can benefit you now?
[Indian context]Maintaining minimum balance in your savings accounts: If your bank rquires you to maintain, say 10000 rupees, as minimum balance, don't worry it does NOT mean you'll have to keep Rs. 10k at all times in your. RBI guidelines require banks to calculate minimum balance on Monthly Average basis (MAB) or Quarterly Average basis (QAB). If it is MAB, it means your minimum balance will be calculated as sum of balances at the end of each day of the month divided by 30. So 30k kept for 10 days is equal to 10k kept for 30days or 20k kept for 15days. For QAB the average is calculated for 90 days. You can meet the min balance requirements accordingly.For Public Provident Fund (PPF) accounts, the interest for each month is calculated on the minimum balance between the 5th and the end of the month. So make sure you deposit into your PF account before 5th of a month to maximize your interest income.You may have come across articles and write ups telling you how investing in shares of Eicher Motors or Wipro 10 or 20 years ago would have given you X times returns (where X is any large number). However, these write ups don't tell you that there are double the number of stocks that went from triple digit values to becoming penny stocks during the same period. So a "very long term" strategy is no guarantee of huge returns in the stock market.Continuing with stock markets, do not go for intra-day trading if you are a novice, no matter how tempting it seems. The big players out there have good deal of insider info and manipulative capacity. They are the ones who make money.Pay your credit card bills in full and on time.If you are still holding cryptocurrencies, sell them off NOW.Do not share your OTP for any reason whatsoever. Also, do not believe in "you've won X million dollars" mails/SMS. This advice might sound too obvious, but believe me, an alarmingly huge number of educated people fall prey to such scams. This includes banks professionals!Update: Seems like advice #6 is not readily acceptable to the crypto-enthusiasts. If you are one of them, you should read this - Alqama Pervez's answer to Does the Reserve Bank of India recognize Bitcoin as currency? Should an Indian buy it?
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